Application for a Fast Track Loan


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Terms & Conditions:

  1. 1. Only Ordinary and PCF members are eligible for this loan, Retirees (Ordinary Members) with a paid-up Share $2000 may be allowed to apply for this loan.
  2. 2. The Loan amount shall be fixed at $3000 for retiree or $5000 for working members.
  3. 3. The loan amount is repayable in 12 monthly installments for $3000 or between 12 monthly to 24 monthly installments for $5000.
  4. 4. There shall be no refund of Admin Fee should the loan be settled early.
  5. 5. Interest on the loan and an administrative fee plus GST shall be paid up front.
  6. 6. Once the loan application is approved, the loan would be disbursed within three working days.
  7. 7. No suspension of loan repayment shall be allowed.
  8. 8. Should a member cancel/withdraw his loan application after it has been processed and approved, an administrative fee not exceeding $50 shall be imposed on the applicant.
  9. 9.Income means the total gross monthly income of the borrower before contribution to CPF and other deductions. This may include passive income (e.g. Rental income) received by the borrower. Receipt from passive income should be submitted during application.
  10. 10.By providing the information set out in this agreement, I agree and consent to The Singapore Teachers’ Co-operative Society Ltd (STCS) as well as their respective duly authorised representatives and agents (collectively, “Representatives”) collecting, using, disclosing and sharing amongst themselves from time to time my personal data provided above as well as in the records of STCS (if any), and disclosing such personal data to STCS’s duly authorised service providers and/or relevant third parties for purposes reasonably required by STCS and/or its Representatives (as the case may be) to provide me with the products and/or services that I am requesting for. Such purposes are set out in the Data Protection Policy, which is available at or on request, and which I confirm I have read and understood.

I have read and fully understood the terms and conditions.

I acknowledge that if I wilfully suppress any material facts, my application for Personal Surety Loan will be rejected.

I authorise The Singapore Teachers’ Co-operative Society Ltd to process this application and approve/reject it without my signature.