Who can join?

Teaching staff and instructors on MOE payroll are eligible to join Teachers’ Co-op as Ordinary members.

Ordinary members who joined Teachers’ Co-op on/after 1st January 2019, when retired/resigned from the teaching service, will remain as Associate members.

Ordinary members who joined before 1st January 2019, upon retirement, have to write to the society for continuation of their Ordinary membership within 3 months, otherwise they will remain as Associate members.

Immediate family members who are employed and above 21 years of age may apply as Family members.

Contract, adjunct or flexi-adjunct members and personnel working in MOE, schools or teaching institutions and are on MOE payroll, may apply as Associate members.

How to apply?

Application forms can be downloaded from the co-op website or you may request for a hardcopy to be posted to you.

Forms required for submission:

  • Application form.
  •  Latest payslip.
  •  Photocopy of NRIC.
  •  Individual Tax Residency.
  •  Self-Certification Form.

NB: Only the original forms duly completed shall be accepted as the official document. Submission of documents strictly by post or in person.

Obligatory Dues

Ordinary Members:

  • One-time entrance fee – $10.00.
  • Share Capital: Minimum $20.00 to maximum $500.00 per month for purchase of $2,000.00 of $1.00 each.
  • Common Good Fund: $1.00 per month.
  • General Savings Contribution: Minimum $10.00 per month.

Associate Members:

  • One-time entrance fee – $10.00.
  • Savings: Minimum $20.00 per month for General Savings or Bonus Savings (Optional).

NB: Associate/Family/Contract members need not contribute to Share Capital and Common Good Fund.

Payment of Dues

Ordinary Members:
Contributions to Teachers’ Co-op will be deducted from MOE Central Pay Office.

Associate/Family/Contract Members:
Contributions to Teachers’ Co-op will be made directly to the society or through Interbank GIRO.